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Madrid Prepares to Host the World’s First 100% Recyclable Plastic Museum

6 May 2021  |
EsPlásticos, the platform which brings together varying companies that make up this sector, is setting up the world’s first 100% recycled plastic museum, aptly named The Plastic Museum.

The museum will be located in Madrid in the Juan Goytisolo square, next to the Reina Sofía Museum, and will open its doors on May the 8th.

The purpose of this museum is to encourage people to reflect on plastics, the materials that offer, and have offered, so much to health, technology, society, and the environment. Currently, there are recycling solutions in place, made possible through everyone’s collaboration, which in turn, aid in the fight to overcome the issues of sea waste. The Plastic Museum will not only contain plastic but also, it will be made of this material.

The Plastic Museum seeks to raise awareness of how the responsible and correct use of plastics positively contributes to our society, and to show that the problem occurs when the waste is improperly managed. Furthermore, the museum emphasizes the importance of the use of plastic and its contribution to environmental protection, at each phase: ecodesign, use, reuse, and recycling. 

The museum will also focus on the achievements that have been made possible thanks to the innovative capacity of these materials how their use has changed since their creation, and the advantages offered in terms of security (health, food, or transport). It also showcases its contributions to the fight against climate change through the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Plastic Museum wishes to show the world that plastic is essential to our society and that it does not have to raise any problems if it is used responsibly. Plastic is part of the solution for many challenges. For this reason, this initiative has been born, and it will be open until May 16th.

On May 17th, Global Recycling Day, the Plastic Museum will be dismantled and the entire museum (walls, roof, doors…) will all be reused and recycled, to give them new uses.

Here at COSCOLLOLA ENGINEERING, we are very happy to collaborate and actively participate in this so interesting project.

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