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Mixers and Dryers with ATEX Certification

24 Jan 2020  |
Since 1990 MIX has been projecting and manufacturing in Cavezzo (Modena) mixing systems and industrial components for bulk solids handling.

Always attentive to the needs of its Customers, MIX developed a complete range of Mixers and Dryers suitable for specific challenging processes, in continuous or in batch. With MIX machinery, customers are now able to manage temperature variations and to dry raw materials and already mixed products in the ATEX environment, too.

The mixers/dryers can have an ATEX certification for Dust or for Gas, both for the internal and external zone. In its mission, MIX operates not merely as a supplier, but as a reliable partner being able to develop new solutions and increase the efficiency of the production processes. Every mixer is tailored and custom-manufactured, in order to satisfy even the most demanding and specific requirements. Each mixer is designed to be able to optimally perform the productive tasks, for which it has been conceived.

Thanks to the advanced internal test laboratory, it is always possible for MIX and for its Customers to securely test new recipes and to reproduce even the most complicated industrial production processes. In this way, it becomes much easier to determine the characteristics of each raw material and, therefore, identify the most suitable mixing techniques for obtaining the desired result. For several years, MIX has been investing in quality systems through new certifications on the industrial management system.

Therefore, the company has been working on all levels to obtain the certification to ISO international standards of QUALITY (UNI EN ISO 9001), ENVIRONMENT (UNI EN ISO 14001) and SAFETY (UNI EN ISO 45001). You can see MIX products at the following exhibitions: CFIA Rennes (10 – 12 March), SOLIDS Dortmund (1 – 2 April) and PBS Show Chicago (28 – 30 April).

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MIX SRL is an Italian company that since 1990 has been manufacturing Mixing Systems and Components for Bulk Solids Handlig suitable for many dirrerent fields of application. MIX SRL product range: Single shaft horizontal mixers,...

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