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Modular Processing Plant on a Laboratory Scale

Modular Processing Plant on a Laboratory Scale
18 Mar 2020  |
Emulsifying different liquids, dispersing or dissolving solids in liquids, mixing powders or drying - all this and much more with a single plant!

Available in 3 versions, there are almost no limits to the magic PLANT laboratory plant. It is very easy to clean, universally applicable and almost maintenance-free.

With a viscosity range of up to 10,000 mPas, it is ideal for use in a wide variety of areas such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics or chemicals. Thanks to its high flexibility and the processing of small product volumes of approx. 0.5 to 2 litres, the magic PLANT is ideal for product and process development as well as the production of small quantities.

The magic PLANT uses the same technology as IKA’s industrial production facilities, allowing process simulation and a seamless scale-up from development to production.

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