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Need to Control and Feed Bulk Solids?

24 Aug 2021  |
The pharmaceutical industry demands equipment that guarantees a safe and clean work environment, SteriValves valves are designed and manufactured to meet these rigid requirements.

The valve plays a key role: the safety and the effectiveness of the process depend on its reliability. Among the valves that take care of feeding the product, the Rotovalve Light is one of the best-known solutions.

How is the Rotovalve light made?

Rotovalve Light is a “special” butterfly valve with a 6 blades rotor, controlled by an actuator. Its rotor makes 180° movements back and forth, commanded by a 0°-180° pneumatic actuator. Its main advantage over the well-known butterfly valve is that it not only intercepts the flow, but also offers the possibility to control it and feed a process automatically and continuously. It is the perfect solution if you need to feed hoppers, homogenizers, or process and packaging machines.

What are  Rotovalve light advantages?

  • It can be easily mounted and dismounted by a single operator: to ensure fast and safe operations
  • It can be customized based on customer’s technical specifications: to better satisfy customer’s needs
  • Quality of materials: to comply with the pharmaceutical and food industry requirements
  • Hygienic design: to avoid contamination and reducing downtime
  • Total traceability: it is possible to trace the production path and the events connected to it.
  • Complete quality and technical digital documentation: to allow the necessary information to be always available
  • Atex rated upon request: to be used safely even in potentially explosive atmosphere

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