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New Containment System For Big Bag Filling

New Containment System For Big Bag Filling
26 May 2021  |
J. Engelsmann AG, the leading provider of processing technology for the bulk solids industry, has developed a new connection system that can be used to fill big bags easily and securely under containment conditions up to OEB 4.

Containment systems are very complex and as such are often complicated to operate and therefore prone to operating errors. Operating errors must be avoided at all costs when handling potentially harmful substances. Incorrectly connected big bags can, in a worst-case scenario, lead to a break in containment. For this reason, J. Engelsmann AG has developed a range of products for containment applications that prevents exactly this. The SmartCon connection system wins over users with its simple and intuitive operability. Now the SmartCon range, which could previously only be used for emptying, has been expanded to include a big bag filling version.

In order to minimize the risk of operating errors, the attachment and filling process with the JEL SmartCon BS is largely automated. To attach a new big bag, the operator simply has to place the foil liner of the big bag inlet over the pressure plate. The big bag is pre-fixed at the push of a button and the operator can then safely remove the tied liner of the previously filled big bag from the system via the engagement connection. The liner of the big bag that is to be filled must then be tightly fixed to the docking system. This is a highly critical step that must be done correctly so that the corresponding OEB value can be achieved. In order to avoid any errors here, Engelsmann has chosen to use an automated process: Pneumatic seals fix the liner to the docking system at the push of a button. There is no need for manual readjustment here. The big bag is attached to the connection system and the contamination-free filling can begin.

The operator is supported by an intuitive control system throughout the entire process. The system shows the next work steps and only allows them to be performed in the correct order. This means that the risk of a break in the containment caused by operator error is almost entirely excluded with the JEL SmartCon BS connection system. Thanks to the high degree of automation and the easy handling, containers can also be changed in a very short amount of time even under containment conditions.

A special feature of the SmartCon system is the leakproofness test which can be optionally integrated. This test can be used to detect damage to the foil liner of the newly connected big bag. The product flow can only be initiated after the pressure test has been passed.

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