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Reclaim Unused Material

22 Nov 2021  |
The rising cost of materials has made inventory control more critical than ever before.  Instead of forfeiting unused material, the HDV enables you to reclaim material without disassembling upstream or downstream equipment - eliminating downtime.

Metalfab’s HDV helps add to your bottom line by effortlessly reclaiming the unused powders remaining in your bins and silos.

The HDV dual-outlet reversible screw feeder can be reversed with the flip of a switch allowing the contents of your bin or silo to be emptied into a bulk bag or drum.  The reclaimed material can be added back into the process or received back into inventory.

Combine the HDV with a Metalfab Posibin and meter powders with near gravimetric accuracy. Heavy-duty, stainless-steel construction; reversing screw; 2B mill finish; in sizes from Æ4-Æ16 in.

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