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Air Cannons Guarantee No Blockages or Bridging Problems

Air Cannons Guarantee No Blockages or Bridging Problems
14 Sep 2021  |
At an animal feed producer in South Africa, this cylindrical unit is equipped with a rectangular multiple screw discharger.

In the transition section from round to rectangle above the discharger, bran build-ups occur on a regular basis to full blockage of the extraction and therefore the production output. 

Bridging occurs from the beginning of the cone to the discharge.  

Following a technical study, Standard Industrie proposed to place 4 Airchoc® air cannons on the silo.

Standard Industrie guaranteed that no blockages and bridging problems will occur as long as the Airchoc® is in use, according to the predetermined location and firing sequence.

Since February 2021, the Airchoc® are in operation and providing good results.

The customer also ordered 12 x Airchoc® for a 4 compartments soya silo.

The AIRCHOC® patented device is designed to eliminate flow problems occurring in bins, silos, hoppers and chutes when bridging and rat-holing.

A volume of accumulated compressed air, from 4 to 400 liters, according to the type of AIRCHOC®, is instantly discharged through a large outlet pipe, directly connected to the storage unit. The result of this force impact into the material corresponds to a shock-wave due to the sudden release of the compressed- air.

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