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HETHON - Specialist in Difficult to Dose Material

28 Apr 2020  |
HETHON stands on 2 legs. One concerns advice and sales in the field of bulk materials, the other from advice and sales of renowned quality brands which we exclusively represent.

We only deliver high quality brands for a good price.

This can be a total project, for example in ATEX, but also a single pump, rotating joint or dosing machine: every customer is welcome , large or small. When there is a particularly demanding dosing problem we like to help our clients when things get difficult.

The dry substances you work with, sometimes don’t have a natural flow. The accurate dosing of these substances is therefore often a challenge.

In conventional machines screws and stirring arms are applied to dose the dry substances. The substance is in motion, but there is a risk of damage, segregation, ratholing, bridging and compacting of your dry material.

As a result the dosing is not accurate, material is lost and the continuous flow of your production process is at risk. In addition, the many moving components and contact parts require extra maintenance, so there is a relatively large risk of damage.

HETHON dosing machines are equipped with a Flexible Wall Hopper: a hopper with a flexible exterior of sustainable Polyurethane. By externally, mechanically and evenly massaging the wall hopper walls, by use of paddles, the dry substances continuously keep in motion.

Thus the material is transported smoothly towards the dosing screw. As the mechanical paddles are not inside the wall hopper, as opposed to the stirring arms and screws, the dry material will not get damaged and ratholing or bridging is prevented. Therefore even poorly flowing and compacting raw materials are easily and accurately dosed. It is also possible to have the screw and the paddles move quicker or more slowly, independently. This way one can fiddle with the proper settings.

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Specialist in difficult to dose material. Hethon is a worldwide specialist in powder and liquid dosing, especially for substances that are difficult to dose. We distinguish ourselves because we think along with the customer to...