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Revolutionize Your Dosing Experience With HETHON

Revolutionize Your Dosing Experience With HETHON
28 Sep 2023  |
Embark on a journey of precision dispensing excellence with HETHON, a leading name synonymous with innovation and expertise in dispensing technology. Together with their German agent SmaDoTec, they offer an extensive range of advanced solutions that - seen on the Facuma - are designed to increase your operational efficiency and redefine dosing standards.

SmaDoTec – Germany

Welcome to the world of precision dosing with SmaDoTec GmbH, your trusted specialist in dosing technology. With a legacy built on innovation, we are pioneers in process engineering, material handling and turnkey systems, making your operations seamless.

At SmaDoTec we have a wealth of expertise and a steadfast commitment to redefining excellence in dispensing solutions. From advanced dosing equipment to the latest weighing technology, and from precision control cabinet electronics to intuitive control software: our extensive range of services forms the basis for efficient processes.

As exclusive representative of HETHON, we expand our competence to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Through this dynamic partnership, we offer not only dosing equipment, but also a complete spectrum of spare parts and accessories, ensuring that your operations continue to perform at peak performance.

However, it is our proficiency in software-based control technology that really sets us apart. We are masters at seamlessly integrating modern control concepts into existing systems, breathing new life into your processes. Our digital weighing technology is at the forefront of innovation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way.

Our core knowledge:

  • Gravimetric and volumetric dosing technology for precisely controlled actions.
  • Advanced dosing systems, driven by modern high-tech principles.
  • Retrofitting existing dosing systems with the latest technology for optimal performance.
  • Establishing seamless connections with external peripherals to fine-tune dosing parameters.
  • Harnessing the power of software-basedUtilizing the power of software-based control technology for next-level efficiency.
  • Groundbreaking digital weighing technology to keep your processes up to date.

SmaDoTec GmbH is more than a company – it is your partner in progress, committed to excellence through precise dosing. With a rich range of expertise, we are ready to take your operations to new heights. Together, let’s embark on a journey of seamless, precise dosing that sets the standard for excellence.

HETHON: Pioneers in precision dosing

At HETHON we embrace precision dosing as an art form. With an impressive heritage of over 50 years of development and innovation, we are redefining the standards for dosing technology. Our focus is on creating not only accurate, but also extremely practical solutions that strengthen core processes in various connectors.

HETHON’s sphere of influence is extensive, and this has been made possible by valuable collaborations around the world, such as with Smadotec in Germany.

Our dispensing solutions, including equipment, spare parts and accessories, are seamlessly tailored to the needs of our customers, worldwide. We think along with our customers and therefore also provide customer-specific solutions if desired.

HETHON’s core expertise is formed in dosing machines, equipped with a Flexible Wall Hopper. This groundbreaking technology uses durable polyurethane on the inside of the machine. By massaging the walls of the hopper, which many call a funnel, the dry substances remain in constant motion. This ensures that the material is transported smoothly to the dosing screw.

What is really impressive is the expertise in the variable integration of modern control concepts into existing systems. We optimize processes and strengthen results by applying software-based control engineering. Our vast digital weighing technology facilitates a new dimension of precision, making every step of the process streamlined and accurate.

Moreover, HETHON is strong in sustainability. With minimal consumption and components that are easy to disassemble and clean, we offer not only precision, but also environmental awareness.

At HETHON, precision dosing goes beyond technology – it represents our commitment to excellence in all its facets. We think further where others stop. Join us in the quest for dispensing excellence! Together we redefine standards and achieve equal efficiency in every operation, worldwide.

Please visit HETHON during Fakuma in Hall A6 – Stand A6-6422

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Specialist in difficult to dose material. Hethon is a worldwide specialist in powder and liquid dosing, especially for substances that are difficult to dose. We distinguish ourselves because we think along with the customer to...

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