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CHDV Mixer - Design Excellence for Optimised Hygienic Processing

CHDV Mixer - Design Excellence for Optimised Hygienic Processing
10 Nov 2022  |
With the exceptional growth of the dairy industry, many producers are facing the challenge of having to improve their product quality and process efficiency, while complying with sanitary standards, in order to stay ahead of the competition. Chemical Plant & Engineering has a solution.

Through continuous design modifications with the requirements of dairy processing in mind, CPE has developed the CHDV (ChemPlant Hygienic Design Vacuum) mixer to help dairy producers achieve maximum production efficiency while addressing the stringent sanitary requirements of that industry.

Optimal Performance

An increasing problem in the powder handling sector is figuring out how to accommodate a diverse product portfolio consisting of multiple ingredients with varying properties. CHDV borrows CPE’s world leading paddle mixing technology to provide fast, accurate, and repeatable blending of powders with different particle sizes and densities. CHDV can reduce mix times to as low as 90 seconds while offering a Coefficient of Variation of 5% or less.

Hygienic Design

Addressing the hygienic processing requirements is the most crucial factor any dairy manufacturer considers when designing or modifying a plant. CHDV mixer is designed in accordance with USDA, 3A, and EHEDG guidelines aiming to eliminate food trapping points and minimise the scope for bacterial growth. The flush fitting plug valve provides easy access for cleaning. 

Plant Flexibility

CHDV mixer has a vacuum rated cylindrical design with torispherical ends. This allows vacuum feeding option which provides a unique flexibility in plant design by eliminating the need to build a top floor for gravity feeding. This mixer model also offers the ability to discharge bulk materials directly into hoppers below or into a conveying system.

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