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SteriValves Interception Valves

SteriValves Interception Valves
10 Mar 2022  |
Valves play an important role throughout the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and nuclear industry, as they are a key component in controlling the flow of material between equipment and containing material before it is later discharged.

Solids and bulk products have completely different flow characteristics than liquid and gases, so it’s important to choose a valve for powder applications carefully. Choosing the best valve for your powder application results in many benefits including better performance, lower maintenance costs, and better product quality over the life of the processing equipment.

That is why, whenever you need to solve issues related to FEEDING or FLOW INTERCEPTION in your system  the best solution for you:

Our sanitary butterfly valve STERIVALVE is designed to intercept bulk solid product flow within the process. The compact design, free of recesses and interstices allows easy cleaning and handling.  The torque value is very low so an operator can easily open it by using a lever. It is used to intercept flow on containers, hoppers, and pipes.

If you specifically need to intercept fragile products that cannot be broken(such as feeding of capsule filling machines, blister packaging machines in the pharma world), our FLEXIVALVE is your perfect match. It is a sanitary butterfly valve but with a silicone coated disc, that can deal easily with products that could be damaged by the movement of a steel butterfly.

Sterivalves completely understands the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements. Based on this concept, PHARMALITE was conceived.

PHARMALITE is a butterfly valve with a special INFLATABLE GASKET. The inflation of the gasket helps to guarantee the sealing of the valve, the deflation reduces gasket wear and consequently dispersion of elastomer particles in the product (avoiding product contamination).

Some ADVANTAGES and BENEFITS of SteriValves interception valves:

  • Ease of installation and maintenance(as they are composed by a few pieces, that can be mounted and dismounted by a single operator without using any tools)

Avoiding contamination and reducing time and costs

  • Different diameters, modular connections, light weight, small height, can be customized and adapted to any equipment without it needs to be altered

Reducing time and costs

  • Quality of materials (stainless steel 316L as standard, FDA components, high surface finish polishing, etc): SteriValves products are safe, made accurately and in compliance with national and international guidelines, technical standards and certifications.

Avoiding contamination, saving costs

  • Complete digital (3.1 generation) quality and technical documentation that can be access from any device. It is offered in 6 languages, allowing the valve to be installed worldwide.

Saving time, and guarantee of the equipment validation

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SteriValves designs and manufactures high quality products to the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The core business of the company is based on a modular system composed by three different type of valves : Sterivalves...

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