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Commissioning of the New Metrological Laboratory

Commissioning of the New Metrological Laboratory
8 Jul 2023  |
In June 2023 we have 100% commissioned our metrological laboratory, inaugurated in 2018, in which we have been incorporating different equipment, highlighting 5 direct mass presses of 250kg, 1000kg, 5000kg, 10000kg and 30000kg, each with different intermediate load values, all of them calibrated and equipped with their respective climatic chambers.

This internal metrological laboratory, in addition to the many other equipment we use in production, is intensively dedicated to Load Cell Testing and allows our R&D engineering team better and faster product development, speeds up Certification processes and ultimately improves the Quality of the Production.

Every year we invest hard in R&D and equipment, to guarantee the permanent improvement and development of our products, as well as to comply with the most demanding standards and the requirements of our customers. Quality, reliability, innovation and service have been our priority in the more than 40 years of Utilcell. Now, once again, we are very pleased to have one of the best equipped Load Cell Testing Laboratories in Europe.

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UTILCELL is a manufacturer of Load Cells, Mechanical Accessories and Weighing Electronics. Since our beginnings, 40 years ago, we have been one of the leaders in the load cells market, which has enabled us to expand...

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