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Custom Size & Volume Reduction Solutions

Custom Size & Volume Reduction Solutions
2 Apr 2021  |
Spec Engineering is a single source for system design and process equipment integration, specializing in processing systems from raw materials through packaging. With over 40 years of bulk handling experience and by partnering with industry professionals, our personalized solutions in equipment and technology give customers a competitive edge in the ever-changing global marketplace.

As there continues to be a strain on production lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, toll processing or toll manufacturing can provide an additional production source rather than tying up current capital. Toll processing will allow companies to put efforts in research and development to introduce new products to market and test their market viability. From caffeine powder to sugar crystals to metal powder, various materials can be processed efficiently, keeping in mind safety considerations such as dust collection and explosion protection.

In Spec’s fully FDA approved tolling facility, a customer used the space to mill caffeine product to a micronized powder. With this specific product, it was necessary to mill the product to sub-ten micron followed by a run through the Hi-Sifter. This process ensures the product is properly dispersed throughout the beverage to avoid having a granular texture when consumed. During the milling process, the caffeine powder produces a dust that is hazardous to the workers. To contain the powder and ensure workers are not overexposed to the caffeine powder, Spec’s Dust Rescuer was integrated into the process. Using the Dust Rescuer also allowed the dust to be reclaimed back into the process, allowing for a cost savings on product.

Spec is continually providing unique design solutions to cater to each customer’s needs. In 2020, Spec introduced the Spec AM Reclaim System specifically engineered for the additive manufacturing industry. Equipped with the Hi-Sifter, a high energy screen, products can be screened sub-ten micron without the need for ultrasonics or de-blinding devices. The vacuum system used with the Reclaim System varies based on the application, and existing plant automation systems can be tied in.

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