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interVIB Lump Breaker LB

interVIB Lump Breaker LB
19 Mar 2021  |
Lump Breaker LB is in operation in foundries for recycling and grating lumped-up molding sand. They are delivered in three standard sizes, but can be customized to the required application.

Essentially the main parts of the interVIB Lump Breaker are the infeed, breaking trough, discharge, and discarding flap for the debris.

Inside the breaking trough, the lumps are pulverized by vibration down to particle sizes for reusing the molding sand. The required particle size is achieved by exchangeable, bolted-in screen plates which include downwards conical boreholes. The graded particles are transported upwards to the discharge. These particles are lead back into the production process.

Advantages interVIB Lump Breaker LB

  • high operational availability
  • less wear and energy efficient
  • easy access to the breaker trough, reducing maintenance time
  • short term discarding time of debris (< 2 minutes) · no frequency controller needed
  • standardized parts of worldwide well-known sub-suppliers
  • robust design with less machine weight

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