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Lower Consumption of Polymers and Better Working Environment

26 Oct 2020  |
The old make-up unit became a work environment problem when polymer flooded onto the floor making it slippery.

Thanks to investing in a polymer make-up unit from Tomal, we can avoid this problem and also maintain a better economy, according to Magnus Broström who is the technician at Valdemarsviks Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The old make-up unit equipment at Valdemarsviks Wastewater Treatment Plant was very ineffective. It was supposed to mix polymers and water to a flocculant to be transported to the dewatering in the plant. This didn’t work very well and caused problems.

It produced lumps which blocked the machine, said the technician Magnus Broström. When the machine fed in more polymers, it overflowed.

Since the wetting system became blocked, the fan blew polymer over the machine and floor. When that happened, it took two hours to clean and scrub the floor, which became very slippery. The risk of an accident was impending and the old make-up unit finally became a working environment problem.

Wetting in a closed system

The plant had done its job, and it was decided to invest in a new plant. A polymer make-up unit from Tomal was chosen. The wetting system, Optimo, in their machine is completely sealed, says Magnus. Neither water nor polymers can spill out.

Polymer powder does not come in contact with the surroundings since it is sealed in two sacks that are put in a big bag holder in the machine. The inner sack is snipped inside the larger sack and polymers cannot fall outside. The recurrent problem of a slippery floor is corrected.

The new polymer make-up unit has been in use for just over a year. We programmed all the values in the beginning and since then it has functioned without us having to change anything. Sometimes machines have to be adjusted if there is something that doesn’t work well, but we haven’t had to adjust anything. Mixing polymers and waterworks better now, says Magnus. Polymers didn’t dissolve well in the water in the old machine and sludge built up in the aging vessel. We had to clean and flush out the vessel regularly, which was cumbersome. We avoid having to do that now since the mixing process works better.

Lower consumption

Magnus states that consumption is lower with the new machine. The consumption was previously 2400 Kg polymers per year. We are down to 1700 Kg per year with Tomal’s polymer make-up unit. That is a 30 percent saving.

Experience with the new polymer make-up unit is good, and the daily workflows well for Magnus and his colleagues. The risk of an accident is reduced since no polymers leak out on the floor and the mixing is more effective which means the aging vessel doesn’t need cleaning. Working hours are used more efficiently and the reduced consumption results in a better economy for the wastewater treatment plant in Valdemarsvik.

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