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New Concetti Palletiser For Bags, Efficient Logistics In A "Lampo"

New Concetti Palletiser For Bags, Efficient Logistics In A "Lampo"
15 Jan 2021  |
Speed, gripper flexibility and load stability are among the winning features of the all-new Concetti designed LAMPO palletizer for bags, bundles, and boxes.

The Italian manufacturer of packaging and palletizing systems for bulk products have used 45 years of experience in the sector, to expand its range with an extremely innovative, high-speed automatic palletizer, which reaches up to 1800 bags per hour. Confirmation of the individual layers combined with full height side compactors and a flexible, shell-type gripper head results in particularly precise pallet stacks

This novel palletizer demonstrates its superiority when dealing with unstable products and partially filled bags. The accuracy, the precise control of the bag overlap, and the ability to compact the layers confer great stability on the stack, improving warehouse operations and load security during subsequent supply chain logistics. The exceptional aesthetics of the pallet is particularly pleasing.

The name LAMPO means a quick movement of short duration, which perfectly describes the action of the gripper when depositing the bag on the layer. In Italian LAMPO can also mean “a decisive and brilliant idea” that, in this case, brings benefits to the final customer thanks to the safety of the load and the protection of the product during handling, transportation, and storage. 

The new PL-AA LAMPO can handle any type of bag in the range of 1-50kg. The change of format is completely automatic and takes place in just over a minute, without manual intervention. If necessary the system can mount a multi-head gripper for use with bundles and cases. Maintenance is simple and fast.

The intuitive operator interface (HMI) is by a touch-screen giving the operator a clear, easy-to-use panel for program selection and simultaneously providing a display of machine status. LAMPO’s control system makes programming complex pallet patterns quick and easy. With just a few strokes on the touchscreen, operators can compose layer patterns using a simple graphic interface.

The palletizer can be particularly efficient for the feed, pet food, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals industries, minerals, etc. LAMPO is specially designed for rugged, heavy-duty palletizing operations.

Concetti provides customized packaging and palletizing solutions to satisfy every customer need, even the most demanding.

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