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New Model 740CP and 740CPD Load Cells

New Model 740CP and 740CPD Load Cells
17 Oct 2023  |
UTILCELL presents the new 740CP and 740CPD (DIGITAL) compression load cell models for truck scale applications.

Its main novelty is the new anti-rotation system, composed of two planes instead of PIN, which makes it more robust and with a greater resistance against lateral displacements of the scale and load cell inclinations.

They are built in stainless steel and hermetically welded, with IP68 (EN60529) and IP69K (ISO 20653) protection, adapted to work in extreme climates, with a limit temperature range from -50ºC to +80ºC. It features a high accuracy class of 4.000 divisions OIML R60 class C and incorporates an anti-scratch protection in its standard version.

In the digital version, the 740 CPD load cell incorporates the RS485 full-duplex digital interface, with a high measurement speed of 200 readings/second. Another great advantage of the 740 CPD model is the ease of corner adjustment and individualized diagnostics for each digital load cell.

These two cell models are available in nominal capacities from 15t to 60t and are specially designed for truck scales and high-capacity weighing systems.

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