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Foundry Sand Chain Elevator

2 Mar 2022  |
Sinfimasa designs and manufactures tailor-made elevators individually adapted to each project. We want to share publicly how we solve the problems posed by the market.

The customer is an important foundry that needs to recover the sand used in its manufacturing process to reuse it in the filling of its molds. The difficulties in this project are that this type of sand is very abrasive and that the working temperature at the inlet of the elevator is 200º with peaks of up to 500º. Therefore, we designed a chain bucket elevator. We used a round steel chain, as the high abrasiveness of the sand would cause unacceptable wear on the bushings due to the high abrasiveness of the sand. The chain alloy contains a high percentage of manganese, which makes it wear-resistant.

The buckets are also reinforced with anti-wear steel. The painting process is anti-caloric, both in the primer and in the finish. The construction is industrially robust in terms of the body, head, and foot thicknesses. The elevator is self-tensioned by means of a system of counterweights, to assimilate the expansions produced by temperature changes, and has a stop that prevents the lower pulley from touching the bottom of its travel. A 4.4 SEW geared motor of direct attack for production of 20Tn/h was chosen for its motorization. The bearings, both at the head and at the foot, are SKF-SNH 22000 roller bearings.

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