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Italvacuum vacuum dryers are used to process wet feed from filter and centrifuge equipment in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), fine chemicals and intermediates. Italvacuum’s versatile multi-product vacuum dryers are easy to clean and inspect, and are safe for operators and maintaining the integrity of the dried batch.

In addition to the dryer, Italvacuum is the only company in the world that can produce all system components entirely in-house, ensuring that they are sized to meet any processing needs. Thus, the company manufacturers:

  • Vacuum pumps
  • External safety filters
  • Vacuum condensation units with extracted solvent recovery tanks
  • Heating/cooling temperature control units
  • PLC system control panels with software certified to CFR 21 Part 11, capable of guaranteeing reproducible batch drying conditions and interfacing with centralized control systems.
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