Move Business Along with a Belt Scale

Move Business Along with a Belt Scale
Using a belt scale is a highly effective way to keep product moving along the line and improve efficiency in any operation.

Belt scales to measure and help control a material’s flow across a conveyor and may be used for product dosing.

The term “belt scale” is often used to describe two different pieces of equipment: weigh belts and weigh belt feeders. Weigh belts measure and batch material, while weigh belt feeders control the flow of material across the conveyor.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing the weigh belt component of a belt scale. Before choosing a model, it is important to acknowledge what level of accuracy is needed as well as the desired structure, speed, and inclination of the belt. Elements such as moisture and aggressive environment also play a role in a belt scale’s performance.

Another factor to keep in mind is whether the belt scale will be used in an environment with strict hygiene requirements. It is crucial to keep belt scales extremely clean when used to weigh consumable products such as food or medication.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers several models of belt scale weigh frames, including models designed with sanitary weighing in mind. The BS421 Master belt scale weigh frame features an open design to simplify cleaning, ideal for applications such as food processing.

After a belt scale is installed, it can be paired with accessories to further enhance processes. A belt scale integrator such as Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ 882D controller supports bulk weighing by offering complete control of product dosing and metering management. Rice Lake offers durable, accurate belt scales for applications of all kinds. From the highly sanitary food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to rugged steel facilities and sand and gravel quarries, Rice Lake has a belt scale to meet every conveying need.

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