Polimak Diverter Valves

Polimak Diverter Valves
In bulk solid handling systems, diverter valves are the essential components used to shut off flows, adjust flow speeds and change conveying directions of powders, pellets or any other granular bulk materials.

Extensive range of flow control and diverter valves can be solution for different applications of handling dry bulk materials in pneumatic conveying and gravity flow projects.

Butterfly valves with 90° rotating disc in a circular hollow body and slidegate valves with a rectangular blade moving horizontally in the valve body function as shut-off valves and prevent product flow completely. Slidegate valves can also be used for regulating flow rate.

In pneumatic conveying systems, pinch valves are generally used to control product flow inside pipelines by opening and tightly closing. For controlled discharging of bulk solids like cement and fly ash from silos and bins, flow control gate valves with rotating drums ensure precise adjusted material flow speed. For applications requiring flow diverting from one feeding point to two or more receiving points, flow diverter valves with gravity and pneumatic conveying options and flextube diverter valves suitable for pressure and vacuum conveying lines with flexible tube designs are generally preferred. These valves are also suitable for feeding from multiple points to single receiving point. If the material you are handling is coal, sugar, wood or starch, the risk of dust explosion should be decreased to acceptable levels and valves which will be used within these industrial processes should be designed and operated carefully. In such applications, Atex certified diverter valves should be preferred for safe handling at potentially explosive atmospheres.

Iris valves are suitable for controlling flow at intended level in gravity discharge applications, they are especially used in big bag discharging systems. In addition to standard production range, custom designed valves with different bore sizes, unique flange connections, non-standard body designs and special accessories are designed for meeting requirements of wide range of unique applications.

Polimak’s engineered production incorporates problem definition, conceptualization, design, validation, production and installation while manufacturing problem free, long lifespan diverter valves for extensive industries.

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