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Vertical Ribbon Mixer Discontinuous ECD Range

Vertical Ribbon Mixer Discontinuous ECD Range
12 Feb 2021  |
Palamatic Process Inc. located in Philadelphia, PA, offers a wide range of mixing and blending equipment. Included in that range is the ECD (Easy Clean Design) Vertical Ribbon Mixer for fast and reliable mixing of all types of powders and bulk solids.

Our vertical ribbon mixers are available in monorotor and birotor mixing shafts and are designed for hygienic and sanitary applications in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical sectors. The spiral mixing blade provides excellent mixing results via the three-dimensional affect, regardless of the materials to be mixed. This 3D mixing affect is accomplished by the helical movement of the central blade, creating an upward movement on the periphery and a downward flow in the center.  The bearings are located above the mixing media and do not come into contact with the blended material.

Equipement Advantages

  • Small dimensions
  • Discharge valve included
  • Wide doors for maximum accessibility
  • Clean in place (CIP)
  • Optional side shear blades
  • Polished welded parts for a hygienic finish
  • Multiple material inlets possible
  • Can be mounted on load cells for dosing operations

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