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The Power of Experience

The Power of Experience
19 Nov 2021  |
GAMBAROTTA-GSCHWENDT is worldwide leader manufacturer in Solid Bulk Material Handling equipments and provides conveying solutions for every kind of sector.

With its more than 100 Years of experience and thanks to its continuous Research & Development effort, GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT has been developing, designing and constructing hundreds of Elevators, Drag Chain Conveyors, Pan Conveyors, Belt Conveyors and other types of equipments suitable for the most different and severe requirements.

Conveying machines and the other equipment supplied by GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT are calculated to withstand the most severe environment conditions and are able to handle even abrasive or hot material, operating 24/7 without any stopping.

GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT EP-W “TIREX”: The multipurpose solution

The handling of material characterized by heavy specific weight, high dust contents and big sizes has always represented a big challenge for Bulk Material Equipment suppliers. Especially for Mining, Cement and Steel industries the necessity of a mechanical system able to withstand heavy loads and material hurts has been felt for several years everywhere. Other significant requirements in these fields typically concern the ability to receive different materials from Trucks or off-tipper Lorries at yard level, minimizing the spillage in the unloading area. Another important point concern the needed civil works. In fact, Apron Feeders and other type of conveyors usually require an appropriate project and an on-size concrete construction. 

The answer to this big challenge has been found on the new GAMBAROTTA-GSCHWENDT EP-W Surface Feeder, the so-called “TIREX”, a new robust machine with a strong structure able to withstand the typical hard work encountered in Mining areas and heavy Industries. This special conveyor has been specifically designed for efficient discharge operations, with the possibility to adjust the flow rate of the conveyed material on demand optimizing the process time.

GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT: Strong design for great performances

The main structure of the GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT “TIREX” is suitable to withstand both large material unloading, including material hurts, and the weight of the trucks which are placed on the back side of the machine for discharge operations. Two wheel stoppers are installed on a service platform with the aim to keep the truck stand still, allowing the material to drop on the conveying pathway in total safety.

The service platform can also be designed in order to accept until 3 trucks, operating on the three sides of the GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT Surface Feeder at the same time. The big inlet steel hopper is internally protected with anti-wear material and can include, depending on the EP-W model, one or more service chutes, specially developed to slow down the dropping material before reaching the transport group.

A de-dusting cover placed on the overall top side of the GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT “TIREX” guarantees no dust leakage during the discharge and conveying operations, keeping the outer area clean and totally safe for workers. This cover includes a tall plastic curtain on the inlet section allowing the off-tipper truck to unload the material without any leakage, keeping the inner side protected from any contamination. At the top of the cover a filter system can be placed for the de-dusting, including a top service platform for maintenance operations.

The GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT EP-W transport group consists of a train of high-quality steel plates, connected to a high strength steel chain on both sides and surrounded by a strong shear proof rubber belt. Basically, the pathway is composed of a straight horizontal track, where the material is initially discharged, followed by an inclined track in which the material is conveyed to the outlet chute. The width of the transport group goes typically from 2.6m to 6m and storage versions of the GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT conveyor are even available. A layer limiter is properly positioned on the inclined section with the aim to level the material and to control the flow rate. 

The hauling is provided by a reliable and powerful Variable Frequency Drive system, placed on the top of the pathway of the GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT Surface Feeder. Depending on the required machine capacity, the drive station can be supplied with single or double motorization and the feeding speed can always be regulated according to the Customer’s needs. The drive group, with their own powerful planetary gearboxes, can withstand efficiently the peaks of power during the transportation guaranteeing continuous work and high reliability of the whole conveying system. The outlet side of the GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT Surface Feeder includes a discharge chute made in anti-wear steel, which can be supplied with material concentrator, a mechanical device that allows to group the conveyed material in a certain point of discharge.

The overall structure does not require any special civil work, but only a solid concrete base and a ramp for the Truck arrival. The whole GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT conveying system can be supplied also according to ATEX requirements when needed. 

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