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Daxner Weighing Bin

Daxner Weighing Bin
17 Sep 2021  |
Daxner dosing and weighing systems are as individual as the various additives that they handle.  Indeed, irrespective of whether single- or multicomponent, volumetric or gravimetric, fully automatic or manual dosing is involved, with its extensive specialist expertise Daxner supplements the characteristics of your valuable raw materials and operational environment needs to provide an ideal solution.

Utmost weighing accuracy, precision, maximum reliability and hygienic design are the priorities in order to ensure problem-free production and outstanding product quality.

A supply program for every case of dosing and weighing:

  • Fully automated dosing for large, medium-sized and small volume substances
  • Manual dosing systems
  • Pneumatic rough/fine dosing
  • Volumetric and gravimetric dosing

Daxner´s weighing bins are used for the precise weighing of bulk solids, these are characterized as de-coupled weighing bins which are supported on high-end load cells. Customized weighing bins are adapted to the specific powder characteristics at hand and assure a residue-free operation.

Material enters the weighing bin through the feed gate. The dosing unit prior to the weighing bin measures the material according to the recipe at hand into the bin. Roughs & fines dosing control provide high accuracy of the component quantity to be dosed. After the exact component batch is weighed, the weighing bin is emptied and the next batch can start.

We place great importance on the elimination of edges and corners and on choosing the best possible surface finish when designing weighing bins. Optional discharge aids such as knockers, vibro-dischargers etc. assure a residue-free weighing bin discharge.

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Daxner GmbH is an Austrian family-owned company with headquarters in Wels/Austria. From its beginnings in 1984, Daxner has developed into a global player in the bulk solids industry. Daxner supports its partners in the food...

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