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Great Western Manufacturing is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial sifting equipment used for scalping, grading or fines removal from dry, free-flowing powders or granular materials. The equipment uses a horizontal gyratory sifting motion which retains material longer, has a slower and more gentle sieving action, and minimizes vertical agitation. These attributes keep the fine material in contact with the screen longer, leading to more accurate separations.

Since our sifters use multiple sieves stacked one above the other, large amounts of sifting surface with minimum of floor area can be obtained. If multiple separations are required, this sieve arrangement allows the amount of sieve area required for each separation to be accurately allocated according to the requirements of each separation. The equipment includes single stack machines as well as large multi-compartment machines with screen surface areas that range from 9.4 ft² to 950 ft² (0.9 m² to 88 m²). Depending on the type of machine and application requirements, the sifters can be configured to make from 2 to 8 separations.

Applications Great Western Manufacturing sifting & screening equipment:

Applications range from their traditional utilization in wheat flour mills and maize mills to mix plants and bakeries, confectionery starch, spice processing, plastics, chemicals, minerals, metal powders, pet foods, and wood fibers.

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