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Measuring Instruments as Versatile as Dry Bulk

18 Feb 2021  |
In the industrial processing of dry goods, you have to be able to rely on constant, precise control to prevent overfilling - this requires the latest measurement technologies from MBA Instruments.

The inside of dry bulk containers is particularly at risk for so-called dust explosions. Explosion-proof devices are cost-intensive and even if these investments are made, the correct pressure relief must be ensured and the filling level must not become too high. This is where the experts in level measuring technology come into play. MBA Instruments has developed a complete series on this subject and has specialized in perfecting measuring devices for decades.

The patented electronic, digital rotating paddle series MBA800 is mainly based on stepping motor technology. The torque and thus the sensitivity of the unit are variably adjustable in order to be applicable for as many fields of application as possible. Other parameters that influence each other – for example, rotational speed, change of direction of rotation, or switching time – are combined in freely selectable parameter combinations. It was particularly important to the MBA designers and developers that the stepper motor series is maintenance-free, wear-free, and insensitive to vibrations in order to be able to guarantee long-term use. And the plug-and-play version, the MBA888, is suitable for quick commissioning. In addition, all MBA products for which it is relevant to have received the essential ATEX certification. Since 2003, only those devices, components, and protective systems that comply with the ATEX product directive may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The right device for every application

Part of this product line for level measurement is the MBA801 as a half-pipe. The pivoting paddle in the half-pipe is directed 90° downwards and is ideally suited for horizontal, i.e. lateral installation in silos. Thus, the new level switches can be used in positions where the level measurement was previously not possible. As shaft and paddle under the roof are completely protected against falling bulk material, the MBA801 halfpipe can also be used in the bulk flow, while the falling bulk material has no influence on the measurement. With the MBA369 plumb bob system, the level can be measured in all kinds of bulk solids. Only a plumb bob system like this can determine the height of sediments below the surface of water or liquids by means of a sieve weight.

Furthermore, it is suitable for the continuous level measurement of a liquid level. The mechanical switch MBA100 reliably measures the limit level in free-flowing bulk materials such as granulates, powders, or animal feed. A switching operation is triggered by the light pressure of the bulk material on the stainless-steel membrane – 950 grams are already sufficient for this. A microswitch is actuated, which switches an electrical signal, while the device itself does not require any power for its function.

Last but not least, the devices MBA2.2 and MBA3.2 are ATEX-certified rotary blade level indicators which are used in dust Ex-zone 20 and gas Ex-zone 1. The MBA2.2, as well as the MBA3.2, are therefore particularly suitable for measuring the limit levels of granulate, dust, or sludge, if a gas Ex-zone is present at the same time, for example, due to solvent vapors. A measuring blade is driven by a synchronous geared motor, which stops as soon as it is covered by the product. A sinking fill level releases the rotating vane. These versatile devices have meanwhile been successfully used all over the world for decades.

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