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Winkworth Machinery Celebrates a Century of Manufacturing Excellence

Winkworth Machinery Celebrates a Century of Manufacturing Excellence
20 Mar 2024  |
Winkworth Machinery proudly celebrates 100 years of global leadership in the manufacturing of mixers and blenders. Established in 1924 by Frank Winkworth, the company has consistently pioneered technological advancements, setting industry standards for quality and innovation.

Throughout its illustrious history, Winkworth Machinery has been a driving force in shaping the manufacturing landscape, advancing progress, and fostering industry benchmarks. Its steadfast dedication to innovation has been the cornerstone of its enduring success.

As the company celebrates its centennial milestone, it reflects with pride on a century of groundbreaking achievements, resilience, and unwavering commitment that have cemented Winkworth Machinery’s esteemed reputation.

With a legacy spanning a hundred years, Winkworth Machinery has evolved into the UK’s largest mixer manufacturer and a global leader in mixing and processing technology, leveraging unparalleled industrial mixing process knowledge and in-house technical expertise. Winkworth, renowned for designing and manufacturing a diverse range of machines in the UK, distributes and installs its products worldwide.

Widely utilised across various industries, Winkworth’s mixing machines cater to various applications, from stiff gums to powders, liquids, and everything in between. The Winkworth Mixing Test Centre offers customers a comprehensive testing facility, enabling them to select the ideal mixer for their requirements, complemented by robust support services encompassing maintenance, spares, repairs, and technical guidance. Additionally, Winkworth provides mixer hire solutions, further enhancing its customer-centric approach to industry leadership.

As Winkworth Machinery continues to evolve, innovate, and lead in the global manufacturing sector, it eagerly anticipates a future brimming with boundless possibilities, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Winkworth is the largest industrial mixer manufacturer in the UK. We have been trading since 1924 and have a long history of mixing applications and processes. Our 3D Cad designed machines are bespoke, uniquely engineered...

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