Take a look at Sweet Manufacturing’s new CalorMatic® Test Site!

23 Dec 2021  |
Here at Sweet Manufacturing, we believe in giving our customers peace of mind before purchasing our CalorMatic® Machines.

Using 3rd party labs to test the final product, we ensure accurate results for each test conducted!

We understand that each customer has unique requirements when it comes to their end product. Our goal is to test as many products as possible with the CalorMatic® test site and record the results for your review!

How will you conduct the sample test?

After consultation and approval, we will take the shipped materials and process them according to specific instructions discussed during consultation. After the processing is completed, we will send samples to a third party lab to ensure accurate results. If participants have a preferred lab for us to send the samples to, please notify us ahead of time.

What materials can the CalorMatic® Heat Processor efficiently process?

While the CalorMatic® is more commonly used for soybeans, corn, seeds, rice, woodchips, tapioca, oyster shells, and eggshells, there are still many other products it can potentially process. This test site was constructed for our customers to send in products they are interested in testing and acts as an R&D tool for future applications.

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