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New Hi6800 Series Weight & Application Controllers

New Hi6800 Series Weight & Application Controllers
9 Nov 2023  |
Hardy Process Solutions today announced a new series of weight and application controllers called the HI6800 series. The series combines direct process control with fast, accurate and stable weight data essential to profitable manufacturing operations.

Pre-programmed application packs simplify set-up and commissioning or customize controller programing to suit the specifics of critical manufacturing operations. Versatility is delivered thru a variety of optional configurations that include digital and analog I/O, DC relays, mapping and up to 4 channels of scale inputs per instrument. Available in three form factors: 4.3” touch-display with tactile buttons, a 7” touch-screen display featuring full-color GUI or a DIN rail mount (no display); the HI6800 Series are ideal for any industrial weighing requirements.

“We designed these products with the latest dual-core processors, in a modular way that are ideal for supporting advanced weighing applications,” said Tim Norman, Senior Product Manager for Hardy Process Solutions. “This offloads this specialized processing from the PLC, enabling both the PLC and the Weight Controller to each do what they do best. The weight controller can then serve up the data to the PLC optimizing manufacturing applications.”

Two New Instruments in the HI6800 Series

The Model HI6800 is designed for weight-based control of applications such as level monitoring, set-point control, static checkweighing, and piece/part counting. The model features an optional 4.3-inch color TFT touchscreen for operation and setup. It comes with a dual-core processor, two Ethernet ports, a microSD card slot, USB-C port, 2 digital outputs, 2 digital inputs, and a single analog scale input. The dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports with an integrated network switch are ideal for simultaneously linking the instrument to both control and information networks for monitoring performance, diagnostics, and process statistics. Data from the instrument can be easily served up to the Intranet, Extranet, VPN, and the Internet by utilizing the EtherNet/IP® or Modbus TCP/IP communication protocols. The HI6800 is available to ship now.

The Model HI6850 includes all the features found on the Model HI 6800, but the modular design of the Model HI 6850 accommodates a much wider range of weighing applications with the following option cards:

  • General Purpose Input/Out (GPIO) option card (up to 2)
  • Relay option card with 8 DC Normally Open relays
  • High Speed Scale input card; 24-bit ADC with C2 (second-generation calibration) compatibility at 250 updates per second
  • Three additional weight channels operating at 100 updates per second

The Model HI 6850 can be configured with either the 4.3-inch (67 x 105mm) color TFT touchscreen screen or a 7-inch (100 x 165mm) color TFT touchscreen for operation, setup, and user-friendly graphics. The larger front panel display is ideal for dynamic checkweighing, batch control, rate control, and belt weighing applications.

Available to ship in Q124, the Model HI6850 is designed to accommodate weight-based applications including:

  • Multi-Channel Weight Measurement and Control
  • Dynamic Checkweighing
  • Feed Rate Control (loss-of-weight)/Rate of Change (coming soon)
  • Feed Weight Control (loss-in-weight / gain-in-weight) (coming soon)
  • Dispensing and Filling (coming soon)
  • Batch Control (coming soon)
  • Belt Scale Control (coming soon)

Superior Performance

With the dual-core processor and featuring Hardy’s exclusive WAVERSAVER+®, even in noisy environments with excessive amounts of mechanical vibration, the HI 6800 will provide a steady 1:30:000 resolution in oz, lb, ton, g, and kg at 250 updates per second.

Simple Set-Up, Calibration, Maintence & Troubleshooting

With Hardy’s exclusive C2® Second Generation Calibration for automatic system calibration, the HI6800 Series will save users hours in commissioning and routine maintenance. By reading the calibration certificate electronically embedded in the C2® load cell sensor, the scale system can be calibrated with the touch of a button; avoiding time consuming and expensive traditional calibration procedures.

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