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Drying Consultancy from Process Engineering (Chem Engineering) background.

Direct-contact, Convection Dryers (spray, flash, fluid bed, hopper, column, rotary).

Indirect-contact Conduction Dryers (heated paddle, disc, screw types).

Open-cycle Circuits for water evaporation.

Closed-cycle Circuits for solvent evaporation & recovery, or for drying toxic solids.

TYPICAL DRYING APPLICATIONS: Biomass, Sand, Polymer Resins, Organic Chemicals, Minerals, DDGS, Sludge.

SCOPE OF WORK may include, but not necessarily be limited to:

(a) Analysis of plant operating data,
(b) Engineering study to increase existing dryer capacity,
(c) Methods to decrease existing dryer heat load,
(d) Feasibility of converting from Open-Cycle to Closed-Cycle drying circuit,
(e) Recommendations as various types of thermal processing equipment,
(f) Process Engineering, Equipment Sizing, PFD Diagrams – H&M Balances,
(g) P&ID schematics,
(h) Advice on Dryer System Interlocking,
(i) Participation at vendor meetings as technical advisor to Client,
(j) Witnessing pilot plant testwork and evaluation of pilot plant test reports,
(k) Bid tabulation review of vendor quotations,
(l) Process start-up advisory services,
(m) Investigation of possible causes for dryer failures,
(n) Ways to eliminate or control dryer fires.

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