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Weighing Of Carbon Black And Oils

Weighing Of Carbon Black And Oils
23 Sep 2020  |
In the picture a typical group of weighing to feed mixer for production of technical rubber.

In this case, you can see a group of weighing of carbon black, after a pneumatic conveying, and a group of weighing of different oils. Both groups have a “waiting hopper” to save time between 2 batches. To obtain the best accuracy in the weighing a big help arrives from the software, in fact, it can manage the speed of the pump for the oils and the dosing system (screw conveyor or rotary valve) for the powders. It means the system slows down the speed when we are around 90% of the batch so we can add slowly the product and reach the right weight. The accuracy in the dosing and the repeatability of the final product is very important to obtain always the same quality of the product.

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